About The Author

Lisa M. Hutchison B.Comm FIC

International Award winning author

Lisa Hutchison was born in Berlin, Germany but moved to Ontario, Canada with her parents when she
was 12 years old. For as long as she can remember she enjoyed writing; essays, short stories, prose,
song lyrics and now her second book. The first book, “Pieces of Us”, shares her one year struggle
coming to terms with her husband’s sudden death. It is written in prose form with short thought
segments and follows her from deep despair to healing. A very successful book published to great
“Iron Annie and a long journey” is her first full length book. It follows the amazing life of her parents – a
stunning account of life before WWII, during the horrors of war in Germany and the eventual new
beginning in a new country.
The book tells of a daring rescue of two Jewish girls and the improbable meeting some 35 years later
in Canada. The brazen theft of Eva Braun’s boots, the meetings with Hitler as well as Goering and so
much more.
Albert and Charlotte, Lisa’s parents, shared their stories for many, many years with her and with some
research, corroborating events through diaries and letters the idea of a book was born. “Iron Annie
and a long journey” reads like an adventure novel, a page turner, a stunning debut.
Lisa is now working on her next book, “Bertha” follows the life, loosely based, of her
Lisa, happily remarried to Robert, lives in Stratford, Ontario. They have three children and six
grandchildren. When not in Stratford they can be found in Portugal or Germany